Establishment and Management Consultancy Services

Establishment and Management Consultancy Services

The Directorate is responsible to Commission Secretary/CEO for: Advising on Public Sector Establishment and Staff complement to ensure effective service delivery; Offering Management consultancy for Ministries and Public sector institutions to ensure efficiency in service delivery; Advising on the need to restructure and establish appropriate organization structures; Analyzing results of Institutions Job evaluations and schemes of service; and Partnering with stakeholders and development partners to support Public Sector Reforms.
Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection

The Directorate is responsible to the Commission Secretary/CEO for development and review of guidelines on recruitment and processing of appointments, promotions and recommendations for appointment of persons to hold Constitutional offices in the Public Service. The process entails the following: i)Processing of indents and advertising; Processing of indents and advertising; Analysing applications for Commission's decisions; Providing secretarial services to the Preliminary Selection Boards (PSBs); Scheduling of interviews and inviting short listed candidates for interviews; and Presentation of selection board reports to the Commission Board for decision.
Compliance and Quality Assurance

Compliance and Quality Assurance

The Directorate is responsible to Commission Secretary/CEO for: Promoting national values and principles of governance;a Promoting values and principles of public service; Promoting good governance, ethics and integrity in the public service in accordance with POEA and Leadership and Integrity Act; Evaluating and preparing report to the President and Parliament on public service compliance with values and principles provided under Articles 10 and 232 of the Constitution of Kenya; Investigating, monitoring and evaluating the organization, administration and personnel practices of the public service; and Monitoring compliance with service regulations, policies and guidelines.
Human Resource Management and Development

Human Resource Management and Development

Policy Background Under the MTPII public service delivery is guided by the theme: "Transforming the Public Service for accountability and provision of efficient and quality services". These will be guided by the principles in the Kenya Constitution 2010 and the Kenya Vision 2030 which bind all public officers to observe the principles of efficiency, observe human rights and of good governance, integrity, transparency, and accountability and sustainable development. In the Medium Term, the department aims to transform by building and implementing service delivery systems that will not only ensure efficiency, quality, speed, convenience, dignity in service delivery but also global competitiveness. The department be to transform the Public Sector and reorient it to observe the tenets of the constitution and adopt best international practices to reengineer service delivery processes with appropriate adoption of integrated ICT systems in order to provide quick, less costly and high quality convenient services to citizens and customers. This will meet the growing public demand for better services, attract investment and contribute to the growth of the economy and thereby achieve the vision of becoming a globally competitive and prosperous nation with a high quality of life and in line with the Public Service Commission vision of being a lead commission in the provision, management and development of competent human resource in the public service. Motto: Driving Public Service Transformation Flagship Programmes and Projects Public Service Transformation Strategy In order to mould an efficient and effective public service, with standards, and a highly motivated human resource capacity and develop and implementation of a Public Service Transformation Strategy aimed at: Strengthening policy, legislation and regulations to support public service governance good interventions; Increasing efficiency of the public service delivery system and overcoming bureaucratic...
In addition there is a Board Management Unit under the Office of the Commission Secretary

In addition there is a Board Management Unit under the Office of the Commission Secretary

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missionhouseTo transform the public service to become professional, efficient and effective for the realization of national development goals.


missionhouseTo be the lead service commission in the provision, management and development of competent human resource in the Public Service.


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