Good online interview experience shall depend on the nature of devices and internet bandwidth available. On its part, the Commission shall ensure availability of stable internet but for successful interview, the candidate shall be expected to:

  1. Use a smart device i.e. a smart phone, tablet or laptop with a tested functional front camera and good audio. In the event that a desktop is used, ensure that desktop the audio is working and webcam installed.
  2. Set your device in time and ensure that there is nobody else in the room when the interview is going on
  3. Use headphone where possible
  4. Download and install the Cisco Webex Meetings application from:
  1. App Store if using an Apple iPhone or iPad
  2. Play Store if using an Android Phone or Tablet
  3. if using an Apple or Windows Laptop
  1. Have access to reliable Internet connectivity during the interview duration (you may use strong Wi-Fi or sufficient internet bundles)
  2. Arrange to be in a sufficiently lit and quiet place away from background noise that may hinder the progress of the interview. Always face the direction of the light source in case you are seated next to a window.
  3. Access the browser in your device and type the address received from the Commission five (5) minutes to the scheduled interview time.
  4. Allow the meeting to use the Application you downloaded if you are using a laptop or click on “join via installed app” if you are using a phone
  5. Fill in your Surname, ID number and email address before clicking the next button
  6. Use your ID Number, First Name and Surname as your username. e.g. if your surname is Mr. Juma Oteyo and ID Number is 43534399, then you are advised to login as:


  1. Click on the Green Button with the words “Join Meeting” and this take you straight into a Personal Meeting Room where you will wait until someone admits you to meeting
  2. Ensure that you start your video once admitted to join the interview
  3. Position your Camera so that you are quite visible throughout the interview duration
  4. Once your interview is over, you should click on the red “X” mark and choose the “Leave Meeting” option

For more information on how the Cisco Webex Platform works, please visit the below l

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