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Public Service Commission Chairperson Amb. Anthony Muchiri had a fruitful meeting with the Commonwealth Assistant Secretary General Luis Franceschi to discuss collaboration targeted at boosting the public sector in Kenya. The two met on 23/10/23 at Marlborough House, London, headquarters of the Commonwealth Secretariat.
The discussions centered on:

(i) developing customised programmes for the Kenya Public Service
(ii) sharing expertise and specific opportunities with the goal of making the Kenya Public Service a benchmark for Commonwealth member countries
(iii) reviewing and upgrading the public service performance management system by incorporating smart technologies supported by the Commonwealth Secretariat
(iv) renewed technical support focused at performance management related incentives
(v) enhancing collaboration in already existing leadership programmes
(vi) technical support in the AAPSCOM Assembly to be held in Kenya in 2024.
(vii) sharing of the programme & formal invites for the forthcoming meeting of
Commonwealth Heads of Public Service and Chairs of Public Service Commissions to be held in April, 2024 in London.

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